Jurong Christian Church (Lutheran)
2 Tah Ching Road                      Tel : 6266 0537
Singapore 618744                      Email : chrisang@lutheran.org.sg

We invite you to join us at our Sunday Worship Services.
Chinese Service 08.45am -->  Children, Youth, adult class  10.45am
English  Service 10.45am  -->  Children, Youth, adult class  09.00am
Dialect   Service 03.30pm

English  Staff
Rev. Anthony
Pastor Andrew Thingaran
Deacon Peter Cheong

English Admin Christina Ang

              Facility Officer Chew Sam Hoe

Chinese Staff
Rev. Chung Tze Lu
Rev. Lee Ka Heng
Pr Isabel Ng Shu Jie

Chinese Admin Doris Wu


Do drop us a note if you have any questions  or feedback. Thanks.