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Nice animation to understand basics of Christianity
This video gives a brief but good presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Come learn what Christianity and human life is all about.

Bill Nye (Evolutionist) Debates Ken Ham (Christian Creationist)
Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern, scientific era? Leading creation apologist Ken Ham debates CEO of the Planetary Society Bill Nye. HIGHLY recommended.

Kent Hovind, a science teacher debates those promoting evolution.

Physicist Richard Dawkins debates religious leaders. He champions for evolution, rationalism and naturalism.
He wrote a book titled "The God Delusion".  John Lennox debates with Richard Dawkins on this subject based on the later's book.

Mixed Christian talks
Argument for belief in God by Dr. William Lane Craig
Can there be meaning without God by Dr. William Lane Craig
Why I am not a atheist? by Dr. Ravi Zacharias

How can a Good God allow evil? by Dr. Rai Zacharias
Dr. Ravi Zacharias explains the Trinity
Why Christianity and not other religions? by Dr. Ravi Zacharias
The Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake

National Geographic video showing new discoveries of our universe.
For me, it simply shows how great is our God! Be discerning!
Speculations are not always separated from science in documentaries.

A wonderful Marriage seminar by pastor Mark Gungor
An entertaining yet informative presentation on marriage.
Learn and reflect on your own marriage views.
Pastor Mark Gungor is funny and informative in his teaching.

The fun continues with Pastor Mark Gungor. Enjoy!

Rupert Sheldrake reports "being drawn back to a Christian path" during his time in India, and currently self-identifies as Anglican. Whatever his religious persuasion, he is not quiet an evangelical Christian ... as far as I can discern him. I may be wrong. Sheldrake gives this talk at TEDS.